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Hack-Proof Your Systems Partner with Betasource for Rigorous Security Testing

We use advanced tools and methodologies to identify your systems, applications, and network infrastructure weaknesses. We conduct extensive penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and threat analysis to ensure your organization remains secure from potential cyber-attacks. Our security testing services are designed to comply with the industry's best practices and standards, giving you complete peace of mind that your data and assets are safe from any potential threats.


Our Security Testing Services


Application Security Testing

Betasource application security testing services are designed to comprehensively assess your application's security posture. We use manual and automated testing methods to identify your application's code, architecture, and infrastructure weaknesses. Our team will provide you with a detailed report outlining any security issues found and recommendations for remediation.

Betasource Application Security Testing Process
  • We identify the specific security threats the application must protect against and the required security level.
  • Identify the security testing methodology which we use. It includes techniques like penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, and code review.
  • A test plan is created based on the security testing objectives and methodology.
  • Our team creates a test environment configured to match the production environment as closely as possible.
  • The security test executes according to the test plan. Testing the application for vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and other security issues involves testing it.
  • Reporting the results of the security testing process is the final step. It includes strengthening the application's security posture and identifying any risks or limitations found during testing.

Web Security Testing

Web security testing is an essential step in ensuring the safety and reliability of any website or application. At Betasource, we specialize in comprehensive web security testing services that help our clients identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and implement adequate security measures to protect their digital assets.

Betasource Web Security Testing Process
  • Define the security objectives for the web application.
  • Identify the security requirements that need to meet to protect the application.
  • Security requirements identify security testing performed to identify any vulnerabilities in the application.
  • The results of the security testing are analyzed to identify any vulnerabilities and their severity.
  • Vulnerabilities identified during testing mitigate through various means, such as applying security patches, fixing code, or implementing security controls.
  • Fixes are validated to ensure they have been applied correctly and effectively protect the application.

Penetration Testing

Penetration testing, or pen testing, identifies and exploits vulnerabilities in a computer system or network to assess its security posture. With our pen testing services, you can better understand your organization's security posture and take steps to protect your assets and sensitive data from cyber threats.

Betasource Penetration Testing Process
  • Clearly define the scope of the penetration testing process, including the systems and applications that will test and the specific objectives.
  • Identify the potential threats and attacks that could use to exploit vulnerabilities in the system. It includes both internal and external threats.
  • The tester gathers information about the target system, including its architecture, technology stack, and potential vulnerabilities.
  • The results of the penetration testing process are analyzed to determine the severity of the identified vulnerabilities and their potential impact on the system.
  • Report of the findings penetration testing process, including a summary of the identified vulnerabilities, the severity of those vulnerabilities, and recommendations for remediation.

Cloud Application Security Testing

BetaSource is a leading provider of Cloud Application Security Testing services that help organizations detect and prevent security vulnerabilities in their cloud-based applications. Our security experts use the latest tools and techniques to identify and remediate potential threats, ensuring your data and applications are secure.

Betasource Cloud Application Security Testing Process
  • Identify the security requirements of the cloud-based application.
  • Based on the security requirements, the testing scope is defined.
  • A vulnerability assessment is conducted to identify any security weaknesses in the application.
  • We use automated tools and manual testing to identify vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting (XSS), and authentication issues.
  • Our penetration test is conducted to simulate a real-world attack on the application. Data or systems.
  • Based on the results of the security testing, a remediation plan is developed to address any security weaknesses in the application.

BetaSource's Security Testing Services Stand Out from the Crowd
Unlock Your Full Potential with Our Unique Approach



Betasource Security Testing specializes in security testing services, and its team of experts has years of experience in identifying vulnerabilities in various software applications.


Tailored Approach

We offer customized security testing services to meet each client's needs. We work closely with customers to understand their business requirements and provide a personalized security testing plan.


Advanced Testing Techniques

Betasource Security Testing uses advanced techniques to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities, including penetration testing, vulnerability scanning, code review, and risk assessment.



Our transparent pricing structure has no hidden costs, making it easy for companies to plan and budget for their security testing needs.



Our Security Testing help your business achieve compliance with various industry and regulatory standards, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR.


24/7 Live DevOps Support

24/7 real-time DevOps support is offered by betasource.


Technology Stack

Betasource Use these Technologies and Tools For Security Testing Process


Selenium is a widely used open-source framework for automating web applications. It is a collection of tools for automating web browsers on various platforms. Due to its straightforward user interface and support for different programming languages, such as C#, Java, and Python, Selenium is a popular choice among developers.


The framework supports popular programming languages such as Java, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript, making it accessible to many developers. Appium also allows developers to automate testing on real devices, emulators, and simulators, enabling them to identify and resolve bugs in the application before its release. Overall, Appium is a valuable tool for mobile app developers and testers to ensure their applications are high quality and perform optimally.


JMeter is an open-source software tool designed to test functional behavior and measure performance. Initially designed to test web applications, it has since expanded to other functions such as database testing, FTP testing, and more.


LoadRunner allows users to simulate real-world scenarios by generating loads on applications and measuring their performance under pressure. It also provides detailed reports and analysis to help identify potential bottlenecks or issues impacting the application's performance. With LoadRunner, software testers can ensure that their applications can handle the expected workload and deliver a seamless user experience, even during peak usage.


UFT, or Unified Functional Testing, is a software testing tool developed by Micro Focus. It is designed to automate functional testing for web, desktop, and mobile applications. UFT uses a scripting language called VBScript, which allows testers to create automated tests that be executed repeatedly.


Jira is a popular project management used by businesses of all sizes and industries to manage their software development projects. The software is designed to help teams plan, track, and manage their work in a centralized platform, providing a comprehensive view of project progress and helping to streamline workflows. Jira also offers various integrations with other software tools, including development tools like Git and Bitbucket and collaboration tools like Slack and Confluence.


Software testers and developers widely use SoapUI to test SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) and REST (Representational State Transfer) web services. SoapUI can be integrated with various Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) tools like Jenkins, Bamboo, and TeamCity to enable continuous testing and deployment of web services.

Additionally, SoapUI provides detailed reports on test results, which can be used to identify issues and track performance metrics.

Get Expert Security

Shield Your Software Get Expert Security Testing from Betasource

Betasource offers comprehensive security testing services to identify vulnerabilities and ensure the application meets industry standards. By engaging Betasource, you can rest assured that your application is thoroughly tested for security and that any potential risks are addressed before the application goes live.


Quality Assurance

Provides a robust quality assurance process to ensure the software meets your requirements.


Support and Maintenance

Support and maintenance for the software, ensuring it continues to meet your needs and runs smoothly.


Customer Satisfaction

Committed to customer satisfaction and guarantees you will be satisfied with the software delivered.


Freequently Asked Question

Get Your Questions Answered: BetaSource FAQ Has Got You Covered.

BetaSource security testing is a process of evaluating the security of an application or system before its release to the public.

BetaSource security testing is essential because it helps to identify and address potential security vulnerabilities in the software before it is released to the public.

BetaSource security testing may include various security testing techniques, including vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, code analysis, and other types of security testing.

BetaSource security testing is typically performed by seasoned security professionals well-versed in spotting and fixing software security flaws

The time required for BetaSource security testing will depend on the complexity of the software being tested and the specific testing techniques used.